Company Introduction


Premium Pet Brand

dulcis is a DPremium Pet Brand made by DASAN, which focuses on bringing a healthy pet care life with the emphasis on a happy daily life.


Founded on September 11, 1991, DASAN is a company that specializes in designing / manufacturing electronic appliances.

With the know-how and technology accumulated as a domestic / foreign subcontractor for the past 30 years, we have finally been able to develop a Smart 4-Season Pet Bed after 29 months (May 2017 ~ October 2019) of development. In particular, we have obtained a patent on the unique heat transfer method & automatic sensing function of DULCIS Pet Bed. In the name of our brand DULCIS, DASAN will constantly focus on discovering new ways to improve the happiness and quality of life of our customers and their companion animals.

Company History

2019. 11.

Establishment of DULCIS & Release of 4-Season Pet Bed

2010. 06.

Registered as a Venture Capital

2009. 11.

Gained KS Q ISO 9001 Certification

2006. 12.

Moved HQ Office

2005. 07.

Applied for a Utility Patent (2 Cases)

1991. 09.

Founded Company